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Sales for Entrepreneurs & Corporate Innovators


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Who Should Consider This Program

The Sales for Entrepreneurs & Corporate Innovators course is designed for entrepreneur with a strong interest in developing their go-to-market plan, developing their product sales pitch, and scaling their sales organization. 

What To Expect

Sales For Entrepreneurs & Corporate Innovators provides aspiring entrepreneurs an opportunity to learn key skills to build out effective individual and team sales plans for competitive markets. Starting at the foundation of sales, you’ll progress step by step, expanding your business management skills in written and role-play style assignments.

Begin by researching and developing a go-to-market strategy. Then, learn the four-step Virtanza sales process (including prospecting and marketing outreach to needs assessment, solution
presentation, and ROI. You’ll define a best practice staffing plan and the sales roles needed to meet revenue goals.  Finally, you will develop a compensation plans to drive your revenue goals

Tuition: $2,500

The Sales for Entrepreneurs & Corporate Innovators course is recommended for three upper-division baccalaureate credits by the American Council on Education.

Learning Outcomes

Scale Your Sales Organization

  • Develop a go-to-market sales plan.
  • Apply the Virtanza four-step sales process.
  • Develop a customer sales presentation.
  • Articulate your own and other sales profiles, skills, and competencies.
  • Deploy best practices in staffing and recruitment.
  • Perform sales compensation planning, and develop revenue goals from the individual to the organization level.

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